The Utah Mutual-Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry

Important Notice

Joining the Utah Adoption Registry does not guarantee you will be reunited with your birth parents or an adopted child or sibling. The Utah Adoption Registry has original birth records for all adoptees born in Utah but these records cannot be released to a birth parent or an adopted child or sibling unless each party completes an application and voluntarily joins the registry. To join the registry, you must be 18 years or older. The Utah Adoption Registry does not have original birth records for adoptees born outside of Utah.

Instructions to Join

Joining the registry is easy! There are 2 simple steps:

STEP ONE: Start by completing Sections 1 through 5 in the online application below.

STEP TWO: Mail the following to the Office of Vital Records and Statistics (OVRS):

  • A printed application form that is notarized by a public notary;
  • A $25 check or money order payable to "Vital Records";
  • A certified birth certificate (*If you do not have a certified birth certificate and you were born in Utah, for an additional fee, the Utah Department of Health will print one for you and add it to your file.
  • A copy of your driver's license.

Mailing Address: Vital Records - Utah Adoption Registry, P.O. Box 141012, Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Section 1: Information About the Person Registering



Contact Information

Section 2: Information About the Adoptee

Birth Name

Adoptive Name

Current Name

Birth Information


Section 3: Information About the Adoptee's Adoptive Parent(s)

Adoptive Parent 1

Adoptive Parent 2

Section 4: Information About the Adoptee's Birth Parent(s)

Birth Mother's Name on Child's Birth Certificate

Birth Mothers Current Name

Birth Father's Name on Child's Birth Certificate

Section 5: Disclaimer and Submit

OVRS cannot guarantee that a match will be found. Once your application is completed, your information will remain in the Utah Adoption Registry for life unless you submit a written notarized request to have your information removed.